Oliver Valle Wright, who is also known as Revilo33 combines familiar elements of the animal kingdom and splices them up to create wonderfully strange and evocative juxtapositions.

Originally pulled from chaotic gradients of spray paint to form his character studies, these fantastical creature combinations have become a constant motivation for the artist. These images become perversely beautiful as these familiar creatures morph into the surreal.

Revilo carries over the human element with just a sprinkling of the urban landscape or a nod to personal possessions, temporarily detached from any point of orientation. The feelings of past, present and future emerge into a single landscape or portrait of these curious creatures bringing perplexing splendor and bizarre interrelationships.

There is a dreamy hallucinatory quality that breathes playfulness to these freakishly beautiful creatures. These scenes both implausible and fantastic create a hint of believability to immerse one’s self in, if just for a moment.


Oil on Canvas